National Guard to Service Academy


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Aug 4, 2014
I wanted to know if you were in the Army National Guard, could you apply and go to the Naval Academy or can you only apply and go to West Point?

Can someone go from the Army NG to a different branches service academy?
You can, but you likely won't be able to compete as a Soldier/earn a nomination from your commander. You'll need to come in as a nominee from your MOC.
Give it a try, doesn't hurt to at least try. If you want to attend the Naval Academy, all you have to do is apply and do the process. But don't have the regret of not trying on your shoulders. Regardless of what anyone says... If you want to attend the Naval Academy or West Point, just give it a good solid go at the application and hope for the best.
You can always apply, but I would recommend applying to west point as well. With a commanders endorsement your chances of getting in are pretty good, but the point is mute if you are dead set on going navy. Also, I wouldn't expect much help from your unit considering it is the navy. If you don't mind me asking, what is it that you want to do as a naval officer?
I am in the national guard and applied. Has anyone (in the guard) found out yet?