Naval Academy Parents Club Info

Capt MJ

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Sep 27, 2008
Time to re-post this, see link below. The independent non-profit USNA Alumni Assn provides some support for the independent clubs.

The clubs are not provided accepted appointee names, Privacy Act, of course. You can contact them. They quite often have Welcome Aboard events closer to I-Day, newsletters, email lists, FB, website, etc. "Experienced" parents of upperclass who have ridden your roller coaster, and are now on the next one, volunteer their time. These are not official sources of information, but can be excellent sources of support, lessons learned from their mid's exoerience, and sometimes lifelong friendships. May or may not be for you - some just like the info feed, some dive in.
Thanks for sharing the link. As my DD goes from accepting her appointment to I-day...there's a lot to learn and become familiar with about the USNA (both for parents and future Plebe)!
DD's Mom and I attended our first USNA parents club meeting after DD received her appointment, but prior to her accepting it. Our big outstanding question was what life in the Navy would be like for those 5 years following graduation. We were invited to sit in on a meeting for the CL of 2016 parents; each Parent talking about their DD's DS's experience at the USNA, DD's DS's next step into Naval Service and their career interests and goals. It was so great to hear the excitement that all of those parents had for their DD's DS's futures. That meeting went a long way toward easing any concern we had over the direction our daughters life would take at the USNA.

If you can, get to a pre IDay meeting. Lots of info you can't get on a message board.