Naval Academy Preparatory School 2011-2012 Acceptances!

I would take NAPS in a heartbeat! I understand the purpose of prep school. I'm just saying why doesn't USNA wait until all possible academic information is in before giving NAPS appointments.
Well I cant say why they chose to give it to me in September, but I was told I can still receive a direct after they get new grades from me. But either way I'm just blessed I got something from USNA:thumb:
I'll be right there with you man. I got my appointment to NAPS about a month ago!:thumb:
Congrats. I got my appointment to NAPS about 2 months ago and i was wondering if anyone knows when I-Day will be?
NAPS '12 Group!

Hey everyone I'm going to make a group for our class. I'll be inviting everyone shortly.:thumb:
ccryle11, I can't say when the class of 2012 reports, but the class of 2011 reported for active duty to NAPS-NAVSTA Newport at 0900 on 27 July 2010.
Stay in good physical shape (run, push ups, you know..) and stay out of trouble!
Oh, and bring some warm under armor, it's really nice on the bay in July, but come January the wind is unrelenting.
And good luck to all those in the NAPS Class of 2012 :thumb:
I just found this thread!
I was offered an appointment to NAPS for the class 2012 on November 10th!
I find this to be a sign:) I want to be a Marine Corps Officer so badly. I was offered the appointment to NAPS on the Marine Corps birthday xDDDD beautiful
semper fi
Can't wait to see you all in six months
Congratulations! NAPS is a great program and a great start to a USN/USMC career.
Came home from an 8 mile tempo to a nice BFE to NAPS. Hopefully it is not too late for a direct appointment.
it's never too late, even if you wait until next well at NAPS and your appoint is waiting. It's a good transition from what your doing now to what you'll be doing then. Stay healthy, run, and stay out of trouble.

Congratulations and best of luck to you. :thumb:
As of 20JAN11, I received an e-mail from USNA: The report date for NAPS is yet to be finalized.
just found out i got into NAPS today! not what i was expecting but i'm going to jump on the opportunity for sure and USNA is only a year away!
I got into Naps on Jan 31st, but I got my letter today, Im in complete shock right now!!!
CONGRATS!!! This is really exciting we'll be reporting July 26th 2011 and really start our Navy or Marine Corps careers. I can't wait to meet you guys, my name is Lilly and I'll see you in 5 months and 23 days :)
Congratulation to all of you headed to NAVSTA Newport reporting for duty to officer training command NAPS! After you put in your daily run start practicing writing 26 July 2011 at 0900. :thumb:

All the best to the NAPS Class of 2012.
For all you NAPSTERS, my daughter has invited you to "Friend" her on Facebook: Search for Diana Cabarle from Hudson, OH. She's part of NAPS Class of 2012. Be forewarned: I actively monitor her Facebook account and emails.