Naval Academy vs Coast Guard Academy

Do you want to drop Bombs ...or Life rafts ?

Seriously, there are big differences between the two schools as well as subsequent service. There are definitely pro's and cons to both-- don't think you can go wrong either way.
Or do you want to paddle around on little rubber boats while others drop bombs on you.

Then the decision is easy——USNA followed by The Basic School .
Where will you be happiest studying at 2am in the morning. Knowing you have to get up and take car of your military obligations before going to class all day. Then starting all over again. Go where it makes your heart sing.
I think that after all these valuable comments from people that have decades of experience, the only thing left to do, is flip the coin 🤣🤣
CG quality of life is much better than Navy or Marine, at least on the aviation side. CG "deployments", if you even go on one, are 2-3 months. Navy deployments are 6-9. Every year there are multiple lateral transfers from the USN and USMC to the CG, especially helicopter pilots. I've never once heard of anybody leaving the CG to go USN or USMC.
Seriously though, about the coin, flip it.

You will know what you wish it will be subconsciously before you check to see what it landed on. Either that or you'll be disappointed or excited by the results. Then you will know.

But really, go with the way you want and not what others would want. If you are religious, spend some time in thought and prayer. This helped me. Just know that whichever way you go you will be in good hands. At least the way I think of it.

Will say USNA has D1 Programs and Navy is ''the big boys" of the water world. :biglaugh: