Naval Honors School


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Apr 7, 2008
my MCJROTC unit is apparently a naval honors school unit, a prestegious title for a JROTC unit. is this a good plus for admissions when i apply to WP?
Yes, you will qualify for a JROTC nomination.
Your participation in JRTOC is definitely a plus for your application - regardless of the honors designation.
oh, snap...that's right. honors schools can nom you to any academy. sweet. i know you can't rely on JROTC noms, but still...yes!!!:yllol::shake::biggrin:

oh, by the way...does having a JROTC nom increase chances a Sen./Congressman will nom you at all or does it not matter?

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hey if you dont mind me asking what high school do you go to because the MCJROTC at my school recived NHS.
oh, kinda close by...did you go to the GA academy day saturday? i was there.
i want to make sure of this: "naval honors school" designation means that you can get a nomination from the SMI to any academy, even though it said the unit had to be an "honors unit with distinction", correct? :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
I think you should contact the academy admissions office. they can give a definitive answer.