Navy Directory: Officers of the United States Navy and Marine Corps

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    Has anyone seen a Navy Directory: Officers of the United States Navy and Marine Corps published by BUNAV after 1941? I have found them online from 01Jan1915 through 01Apr1941 (with only 01Jan1941 missing), but cannot find any after 01Apr1941.

    The name was fairly consistent being Navy and Marine Corps List and Directory: Officers of the United States Navy and Marine Corps in 1915.

    The name might have been changed to something I have not thought of. I understand that the BUNAV became BUPERS in 1941 and the publication became Classified then. I would think all but very recent ones have been declassified by now.

    I have all the Lucky Bags from 1894 through 1974 and all the Annual Register of the United States Naval Academy from 1865 through 1969, so I would think that the Navy Directory through the 1960's would have been declassified by now.

    Also any source of Annual Registers from 1969-1974 would be nice
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    Does such a directory even exist ? Keep in mind that the Officer Corps was a relatively small, closely knit community before WWII, and ranks literally exploded during the war. Other factors would include increased awareness of privacy concerns over the years.

    I think the USNA library has Annual Registers.
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    The directory does exist in some form. An example of its use is when two ships have to determine which is "senior" for honors purposes or for bases when they are figuring out who is "SOPA"
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    Is it Navy List or Naval Register?
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    It exists. I believe keeping a list of all officers is a requirement by some sort of international convention (this is digging way deep in my historical memory here). Up until a handful of years ago it was publicly accessible; however, in recent years I have only been able to find it on restricted access sites.

    At one point I needed it for my own Board of Corrections for Naval Records request.
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    Any chance you have a site for the 1946 Registry? Haven’t been able to locate one online.

    I’ve only worked with the annual naval registries and USNA Registries. May I ask what type of info you’re seeking that the directories provide? I’m assuming it’s about assignment.

    Registries also stop listing duty assignment in 1941, if you didn’t already know this.