Navy-East Carolina


Jun 15, 2006
Is anyone else other than my daughter in law and myself going to be at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium Saturday afternoon for the opening game?
Not this weekend, buddy.

Might you be there NEXT weekend? My class is having its 15th reunion, and I'd love to meet you. :smile:
Probably. I also have Redskins season tickets and definitely try to make all the games when both play during the weekend and they play Minnesota on Monday night.
Boise State University killed Sacramento State 45 to 0 on Thursday. Now if Navy wins my weekend will be complete.
Nobody talks about my Gamecocks.... :frown: They went charging in last night and stomped MS!! And I say, "Now if Navy wins my weekend will be complete." too!!
I forgot to add our High School team, playing tonight. Of course, I only go to watch the Marching Band! Looks like they have a pretty good team this year though. :thumb:
Congrats 69er! And all USNA fans!! And JoePa's Penn State Nits beat Motherofpearl Technical Insitute, so it was a good weekend indeed! Notre Dame will be a bit more stressful.

Thanks Whistle. The only thing I did to deserve a congrats was scream and holler. I had to quit my running commentary toward the end of the third quarter when I made the statement that we hadn't fumbled yet (Navy runs the triple option and the first game with a new QB usually has several fumbles). We immediately fumbled on the next play so I had to keep all my comments to myself for the rest of the game.
Gonna be up there the weekend of the Tulsa game, my son is having shoulder surgery the Thursday before. If he is feeling up to it we will be going to the game.
You seen right w/ no offense to the Zippers. (They've not beaten a Big 10 team since 1894, and they kept that record intact agin the Nits.)

The Leprechauns should be another matter, I suspect. TD JC is on their side supposedly.