Navy OCS to Info Warfare

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    This was on my LI feed today from a Navy officer recruiter - shows a clear and current path to the info warfare world. I am confident the candidate had a stellar college background with a major that caught the eye of Navy officer recruiters.

    Edit: I just tested the link I originally posted, and it wants a LI log in. I've tried a couple of different different ways to capture a link that avoids the login. No luck.

    What I tried to post was an update from a Navy officer recruiter out of NRD NY with a photo of her shaking hands with someone she just swore in. I thought it might be of interest to know a path via OCS, and the presence of an officer recruiting station in NJ. This is the text that appeared with photo:

    "Welcome the Navy's newest Officer Candidate, Robert ..., to the Fleet! OC ... was sworn in today at Naval Officer Recruiting Station Woodbridge, NJ. He is headed to Officer Candidate School in Newport, RI for 12 weeks of military indoctrination training. Upon graduation, he will be Commissioned an Ensign and report to Dam Neck, VA for six months to complete Information Dominance and Navy Intelligence Basic Courses. From there he will begin his first tour as a Navy Intelligence Officer. Congratulations Shipmate!"
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