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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by trainerj2855, Aug 30, 2013.

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    My plebe switched from football to rugby -I don't know anything really about rugby but he said it's very physical and he loves it. Any other parents with rugby players, I would love some advice. Also, the navy rugby sport site appears not be updated regularly-any ideas why?? thanks
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    Broken fingers and can't type?
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    I think your son will find the rugby team has alot of former football players. Between NAPS and directs, the football team brings in alot of plebes each year. As anyone can see on a roster only 20-30 (somewhere around there) will make it for 4 years for a myriad of reasons. Some look for other options and rugby tends to draw alot of former football players because of its phsical aspects and camraderie. My best friend played Rugby while I was at Navy, it took me forever to figure out the sport. The rugby team at Navy has traditionally been a very close group of guys with a work hard, play hard mentality (as do most Midshipmen). Within the Navy men's rugby team you will find several teams, used to be A side, B side, etc. Not sure what they call them now. This is so younger players can learn the game and move up as they get better. They do travel around on weekends and sometimes spring breaks for tournaments. I think they play some in the fall, but the real rugby season I believe is in the spring. Not sure on the site, but Rugby is a club sport so they probably do not have a Sports Information Director (SID) like the varsity sports do who work for NAAA and handle things like the website, media, etc. They might have a coach, player, or staff person who manages club teams who does this. They might not even know their schedule yet for the spring. Good luck to your son!

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