Navy seal Contract/ USNA


Jan 10, 2017
I have been qualified for a SEAL contract, what will happen if I get an appointment to USNA? And what if I don't get in my first try could I reapply as a seal.
If you receive an appointment you will be released from your contract. If you go through with enlisting you will follow the path outlined in your contract for a SEAL recruit. Yes you could reapply but realize it might be several years before you can. As you know the SEAL path is long and hard. Usually you won't be able to reapply until you are done with training. As you know that is several years. Then you have to get to your unit, earn you keep to earn a positive endorsement. Myself and any other grad will always tell anyone who chooses to enlist to be prepared to serve your entire contract and not count on that as a path to USNA. It's been over a decade (almost two) since a Trident wearing Sailor made it to USNA. There have been a few before him, but very few. There are lots of old threads on enlisting. Recommend you review those.
That's a possibility, but that is if I get an appointment to USNA.