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Jul 2, 2008
My son received a JROTC nomination and is also on the list for Sen. Dole and Congressman Jones. He was suppose to go for an interview with Sen. Burr's office in January, but is going to cancel due to having a nomination in hand. Anyone else from NC either on a list or in reciept of a nomination?
Congratulations to your son for receiving a JROTC nomination to USNA. :smile: Did you mean that he also has nominations from Senator Dole and also Congressman Jones to USNA? If so, then more congratulations! Multiple nominations for one candidate gives Admissions more flexibility in giving appointments.
Congrats on the Noms!

However, don't cancel Burr. DS had all 3 last yr, (Butterfield, Dole, Burr and a Presidential).

It makes no sense, unless you have an LOA in hand. You don't know where you rack and stack compared to the others. No MOC in NC gives principal, thus it is not a sure thing. You don't want to be sitting there in Mar without an appt, when you could have had 1 more way in. Remember NC has a lot of military members, so there are many with 4 or more noms, if you were eligible for a Pres plus VP your child could have 6 total.
Yes, my son does have an LOA in hand. On the USNA under nominations it list the JROTC. Having said that, this is why he is not planning on going to Winston-Salem to the interview with Sen. Burr's office. He would if he did not have the JROTC and the LOA. Winston Salem is about 5 hours from where we live so it would also require an overnight stay inorder for my son to be at his best on the day of the interview.
Is anyone else here on the list of 10 from Congressman Jones or Senator Dole? Just trying to see where everyone is located.
If everything goes thru and and my son goes to USNA - he will be the first at his high school to ever attend the USNA. Our high school is about 45 years old! The $$$ amount that is on the education would also be the highest that anyone has also received as well. This was interesting to find out when we were searching information at the high school. Proud mom - you bet, but also very humble.
Sen Dole hosted a reception ly for her nom/appt. it was in Feb. It is a very nice function. I am taking a guess that you are from the area we were from. Bullet was stationed at SJAFB, and Jones got 1 part of the area and Butterfield got the other.

Dole LY had nobody from USAFA for Jones, only our DS from Butterfield, for the Jones/Butterfield area, the others came from Raligh and Ft Bragg
We are in Duplin County which is between Onslow (Camp Lejuene) and SJAF (Wayne County - Goldsboro). Do you remember when and where Sen Dole's Recpt. was held? I do not know if there will be one this year because Sen. Dole was not reelected.