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    Ok - I keep searching for this but cannot find any clear clarification. If, let's say, you have 1 or 2 items that you need a DoDMERB waiver for -- is it all or nothing or does it depend on what you are applying for? Or does the DodMERB decide it for across the board (all officer's programs in any service by any route) -- no, you are not getting in any SA, any ROTC program, nothing, nada? If this is not the case and it varies case by case, I would assume the SA's would be much more particular about giving out waivers and the ROTC programs less so?

    And the earlier you start in the process the better? DS is a HS junior this year, but it appears that he can start applying to some ROTC scholarship programs as early as Spring 2013 -- should we try to get the DoD physical ASAP in that process if we have fears of issues?

    Thanks so much! I really do try to utilize the search options, but sometimes I just need some clarity.
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    It is apparent that your DS is going to apply to ROTC and SAs. When you start an application to a SA, you will be given info on completing a DoDMERB physical. DoDMERB will either declare your DS "qualified" or "not qualified" according to the standards for each individual academy. If your DS is declared "not qualified", it is up to the academy to determine if they want to pursue a waiver for you.

    If your DS receives a ROTC scholarship, he will be given information about the DoDMERB physical with his scholarship paperwork. The process will then be the same as the SAs.

    The key idea here is that you provide DoDMERB with ALL of the information regarding each particular issue that your DS has. Include Dr. notes stating that the condition does NOT adversly effect DS's ability to serve in the Armed Forces. Hopefully that would preclude your DS from needing a waiver by getting him "qualified" in the first place. If a waiver is needed, there is nothing you can do but hope that the SA or ROTC branch requests one on your behalf. For further assistance, you might want to contact DoDMERB directly at:

    Best wishes. :thumb:

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