Needles on I-Day


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Feb 21, 2018
I know plebes are given all of the shots they need on i-day, but I'm wondering how they handle plebes that consent when their body doesn't. How do they handle plebes that pull away or jerk from needles? (Or other reactions, needles are a common fear that everyone handles differently) I realize it's something they have to go through, but will the doctor/nurse help them get through it or will the plebe just be disqualified?
They will be fine. New Plebes who never had an issue before pass out in some cases. Nothing to freak out about, they will will figure it out, get what needs to be done and move to the next station.
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Push-ups is the preferred after shot therapy, it is a good distraction from any mental angst as well
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Don't sweat it .even the toughest (or those that think they are toughest) can fear needles.
For some, the stress of I-Day may cause a reaction that they've never had before .
The good news is that tens of thousands have gone through this before, and there are very few surprises to the USNA team that executes I-Day. And even when there are surprises, the Officers and Midshipman involved are pretty damn good at adjusting.
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