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    I applied to USAFA SS about two hours after it opened. There are people from my state on this board who have been accepted. My status still reads (Your application has not been processed). I contacted my ALO twice. Once he said applications have not been looked at (though many names were already posted as haveing been accepted) the second email he said that names are not yet looked at but when they start to look at names he will write a letter for me and update me on the letter-this was two weeks ago. He was very positive in his responses but seemed unaware that this process was underway (is that even possible?)

    technically what does (Your application has not been processed) mean? Does it mean they have not looked at it? That doesn't seem possible as there were others before and after me who have gotten in. Does it mean you are on the waiting list? If so wouldn't it have said that?

    I definitely dont want to pester my ALO so wont eamil them for a while but I have no other ideas.

    Also it could be my stats are not good enough (OF COURSE!) can someone look them over and tell me what I missed.

    GPA: 3.73
    Class Rank: Not Provided

    Test Scores:
    ACT English: 34
    ACT Math: 33
    ACT Reading: 25
    ACT SR: 31
    ACT Combined English/Writing: 34

    1) Is your uncorrected vision 20/50 or better? Yes
    2) Have you ever participated in high school extracurricular activities such as sports, bands or clubs? Yes
    3) Have you served as captain of an organized athletic team? Yes
    4) Have you served in a high school government position? No
    5) Have you actively participated in community organizations such as church, Scouts, 4-H, CAP, etc.? Yes
    6) Have you received special recognition such as Eagle/Gold Award, Billy Mitchell Award, Boy's/Girl's State, etc.? Yes
    7) Have you worked during the school year? Yes

    1) Academic Achievements
    -4.38 Cumulative GPA (weighted out of 4.0) & Distinguished Honor Roll (over a 4.0-weighted each semester)
    -11+ AP/Honors Classes (all science/math/English have been honors or AP)
    -Dual Enrolled College Honors Computer Class Grade: 4.0 College level credit
    -National Honor Society
    -Baseball League All Academic Team and Baseball League Academic Scholar

    2) Athletic Achievements
    -Baseball All Star Team
    - MVP Winner
    -Captain of varsity baseball team
    -Two Time State Championship
    -Two Time midwest Championship

    3) Civic Involvements
    -Highschool Civic Club-(President) I recruited participants, publicized meetings, publicized events, coordinated volunteers for committees, 5organized fundraising events in an effort to assist financially challenged families in community.
    -Key Club
    -Ecology Club
    -Youth Baseball-Assistant Coaches
    -County Convalescent Center volunteer

    4) Work/Job Experience
    -Math Tutor- (three years) I provided individual tutoring in Math at the for Public Library. Average of 3 hours per week .
    -Bike sales/Repair shop –Avg fifteen hours per week.

    5) Leadership Positions
    -Civic Club president.
    -Pitching school / baseball camp--Assistant Director and Coach: I taught techniques pitching; My responsibilities included: instructing and monitoring other volunteers, instructing pitchers, leading fitness training, managing equipment and being in charge of volunteers. Over 250 volunteer hours.
    -Boys State 2012- Youth summer leadership and citizenship program.High School Representative
    -Captain of the baseball Team.
    -Special Olympics Baseball team--Coach- I coach children with a mental or physical disability for two years for special Olympics.
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    Honestly, your stats look good. All you can do is wait. You only know that you will be notified by March (or later, I'm not quite sure). If within two weeks your application's status has not changed, then I would try to find out why, but at the moment it may just be that they are slow at getting around to looking at all the applications.

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