New book out there...


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Nov 3, 2007
Have y'all seen this new book: How to Get Into a Military Service Academy?
I haven't heard of the author, but perhaps he's someone on this page.
He's quite the prolific writer and he " . . . wrote this book to fill a void he discovered when his son applied to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point."
Save the money and follow the procedure. The SA will give you all the information you need. There are no short cuts and/or "inside information", sometime many obstacles. Contact any member of Congress or the Academy of your choice and they will tell you how to get in. Sounds like Dr. Drew on steroids.
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A book on getting in service academies would be a waste of money, in my opinion. My USMA grad followed West Point's application instructions to the letter, as well as his MOC's instructions, he met all of the deadlines, and he got in with no problems. He had a great MALO and was able to meet with his Admissions Rep at West Point one time and he did everything everyone told him to do. He took the ACT multiple times and worked hard in school.

We didn't even know about the SA Forums until several months before Beast, long after he had been accepted.
I will echo what @Dixieland wrote. We are a non-military family and had no inside info on the application process for USMA. My son was homeschooled so it was just the two of us reading the instructions on WP's website and following them carefully. This approach worked well as evidenced by his accpetance to WP. I'm not sure how a book would have helped. We also did not know about SA Forum until after the BFE arrived.
I haven't read it...just saw that it had been published. He did ask my co-author to read/review it, and that is how I first learned about it. There are tons of books out there that have info that is easily accessible elsewhere (like mine!), yet people like multiple sources. As long as this book is accurate, I think it meets a need for those who are info junkies.
I have no doubt that this book will sell. And I'm certain that some will find it quite useful. Having all the info in one place is a huge benefit to the family who is new to this rather intimidating process. We had to find it all out piecemeal.
That said, I think it might sell better as a paperback. (Maybe it also comes in paperback - I only saw a hardcover option.) A lower price point would entice cheap parents like myself. :)
I think this will have more of an appeal to the parent of a younger teen...maybe like a middle schooler who knows this is what he/she wants. Had my DS #2 decided on WP earlier, I would have steered him toward some different academic and extra curricular choices. When you decide to apply junior or senior year, everything is at warp speed...but it has a way of working out.
I agree.
My son was fortunate in that he decided on WP just before starting high school. So, we made decisions with that goal in mind. And it gave him a reason to work very hard; I didn't need to motivate him.
I don't expect that book will contain anything you can't find either on forums such as these or by reading the official website sections regarding how to apply or by visiting the academies you intend to apply to. Good to know the process CAN be slightly different between academies and may change over time. One example is that some SA's WILL let candidates know if they are 3Q while others do not.

If the book is current, then the information is more likely to be reliable. However, a book from 5-10 yrs ago may contain outdated information.

It would difficult for any author to be knowledgeable of the application nuisances between all SA's, so keep that in mind.