New CO for 3rd Company


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May 10, 2008
Jamzmom....did I hear you right that 3rd Co has a new CO? Does that mean that Reigan (sp) is no longer their CO?
Naw. Ragin still walks among them. :wiggle:

I referred to the CC (Company Commander). Way different than a CO (Company Officer).
Far as I've heard, Regan still has his iron grip on 3rd Company.

In other news though, with MSGT leaving for Iraq this summer, first Company is going to have two CO.'s: CAP Kim and the new Gunny.

First co is now marine co...

I'm also pretty sure 4th company is getting a new CO as LT Gates is going to med school or somesuch.
1st Co CO is Capt Kim the XO is Gunnery Sgt Sailsbury; they met with the company yesterday.