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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by smtassel, Apr 25, 2011.

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    I stumbled on this site after hours of staring at a computer, and this is easily the most beneficial site, seeming like a great community too.

    I am currently a Junior in High School and have been interested in the military since late middle school. I was for a long time considering academies but recently that desire has faded as with my GPA. ROTC is looking like a great option and whether or not I get a scholarship of some kind, I think I will still participate.

    That being said, I am going to do the same old "posting of stats" and I would love it if anyone could tell me if I am similar to them, or if I have a shot at any of the scholarships. Also if you could recommend what branch I could get a scholarship for most easily (if i can even get one) as I do not have a specific preference.

    Branch Interest (highest to lowest): Navy, Air Force, Army

    Major interests: Something involving politics, Astronomy, a field involving planes (aeronautical engineer, etc.)

    SAT/GPA: 1830 (1220 {570 math, 650 CR})/3.00
    If I ever decide to apply, I am hoping to get the chance to explain how I negelected my 9th grade teacher's advice in telling me to take Spanish 3 again and going on to earn a D average in Spanish 4. Could this be an oppurtunity to show I have matured/learned/gained wisdom?

    Class Rank: 119/463

    ECs: Employee at chick-fil-a
    Volunteer: church Vacation Bible school, Junior leader within church: involves teaching and aiding middle schoolers on trips, in sunday school, etc..., was in key club
    Leadership Roles: Junior Leader, Youth group band Leader
    Athletics: Golf: 2 years, 2 varsity letters
    Baseball: 2 years, 1 varsity letter
    Indoor Track: 1 year
    Weight-Training (extra-curricular)

    I know it gets old looking at the same kind of "stats postings", but I would really appreciate some feedback on this, tips, stories of simliar conditions...

    Thank you all so much, this is a great site.
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    I suggest you post your question in the ROTC section. On the main page, there is a separate section for each academy, as well as ROTC and other areas. This area is basically a "Meet and Greet". (Your first 2 paragraphs). But if you want some good feedback, post in the ROTC section. later... mike....

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