New Hope for Turnaround at Troubled Service Academy

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bruno, Sep 2, 2012.

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    I was there for the open house in early Aug with DS. We had been introduced to a Mid remotely, and arranged to meet him in person while there. He is a Jr. / 2nd class and said, without prompting, (as part of a longer conversation) that KP was the best decision he could have made. He was pleased to talk about the school, and all the negative stuff was not on his list of things to tell DS. No mention of air conditioning or CO or of admin turmoil or bad professors. These things would have been in his history, but they were not on his mind.
    I suspect some of the negative stuff, while legit, becomes the focus of an article or report and as a result, the positive or even neutral stuff is not part of the tapestry. I suspect that may be the case with the industry comments, too. Should the education be updated? Sure. Should one abandon the school because its program needs updating? I'm not so sure that would be wise.
    While I was at the campus, I made it a point to walk out on the 'decrepit' dock, discussed in the NYT article as well as elsewhere in this forum,and what I saw was a serviceable pier and floating docks as good as any I saw in my time in the USCG, with lots of new pilings installed and lots of lumber stockpiled on top, awaiting installation. I took that to mean the promised physical improvements are underway. I have also seen articles concerning contracts for replacement training vessels. So I am one to see things as improving, however bad they may have been.

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