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    Hello everyone.

    I've been lurking for the past year as my DS has been going through the SA/ROTC application labyrinth. These forums have been very helpful - thanks especially to all the experienced posters and moderators.

    DS was awarded 4-year AROTC schol in the 2nd board (aack!) to 3 schools on his list. 2 of the schools already accepted him, his top choice not yet and will not hear until mid-to-late March. So we grappled with that for a while, read the forums, talked to admissions and the ROO at #1, and decided to go the safe route and designate one of the schools where he was accepted, and perhaps try for a transfer if he gets into #1.

    He also has an application in to NROTC Marine Option and USNA and USMA. He has a Congressional nom to USNA, rejected by one senator, have not heard from the other one yet.

    DS will be our 4th off to college, but he has blazed the trail in this process for his 3 younger brothers. Now they know what to do :smile:

    Thank you again for all the great information.

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