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Jun 9, 2006
Thought I would see if there are any other NMMI service academy preps on this forum. My son is a USMA prep. Anyone else?
How's Jon doing WAMom68? I haven't had one email, phonecall, or letter from Philip in 10 days. This despite phone messages, emails, etc. by us. Grrrrr. :unhappy:
I spoke to Jon Sunday night and he has emailed me several times, but usually because he is responding to my emails. It sounds like they keep them really busy. They had a practice inspection on Saturday and it didn't go too well. Jon did okay (other than the Sgt. doing the inspection calling him a liar) but his squad didn't do that great as a whole. Overall he is adjusting and doing well. When we talk he does do some venting about certain things, but I think that is pretty normal.

I can't believe Philip hasn't even emailed you in 10 days! I know they had some phone problems for a couple of days last week. Jon had to call us from his roommates cell phone because the room phones weren't working. I hope you hear from him soon. I know I would be mad in the same situation.
Well, I got to meet your Jon a few days ago at parent's weekend. He is such a handsome, nice young man. Actually, it was a completely hilarious moment. When I was in Philip's English class, Philip pointed out another cadet saying "he asked me if I was spidermom's son." Turns out it was Astrodude11! So Astrodude turns to the kid sitting next to him and says, "hey, you post too. What's your screen name?" Turns out it was Cesare. THEN....a cute young man across the room piped up, "I think you know my Mom". That was Jon!

I knew like 25% of the class!
Jon called me Friday night and said "I met Spidermom today!" He told me what happened in English class. That is so funny. It must be nice to finally have faces to put with the screen names. Wish I could have been there.

Jon sent me an email this evening. He got voted best new cadet in his troop! This means he gets some extra privileges. I think he really likes the fact that he doesn't have to "pop-to" now. LOL
Whoo Hooo! Way to go Jon. I know that popping to stuff must get old.

Wiah you coulda been there. I have a new respect for how hard our guys are working, especially the academics.