New PFT Standards for Marine Option Mids


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Nov 1, 2015
I thought it would be helpful to provide the new Marine Corps PFT standards for mids:

Marine Option students maintain a PFT score of 265 or higher to successfully complete the 6-week OCS course. The CFT minimum score is 235

3rd Class (CORTRAMID) - 220

2nd Class (MWTC) - 235 standard / Min Waiverable - 220

1st Class (OCS) Recommended - 265 /Standard - 220 /Min Waiverable - none
I was wondering when they'd update the NROTC-MO scores. A 275 PFT a year ago isn't a 275 PFT anymore. What would be a competitive new PFT to have for the scholarship board? I'm currently running a 262 (20/92/20:30), and while it seems like I'll definitely have a shot at PLC-Juniors, I'm interested in knowing what the new competitive standard now is.