New Student Indoctrination and unit arrival questions NROTC NSI

DS heads to NSI this summer. I could find no packing list other than "wear a polo shirt and khakis, have an approved govt ID, copies of orders, and don't bring anything except $300 to buy toiletries so everyone will have the same toiletries." This is from the NROTC NSI information page.

I couldn't find good info on the forum or elsewhere with respect to:

1. What is the $300 for? That's a lot of toothpaste for 2 1/2 weeks. Do they bring swimsuit, socks, and underwear to NSI or are these gonna be government issue?

2. What is the takeaway NSI pay besides travel per diem? NSI means missing weeks of summer work right before starting college. Let me stop you if you are going to talk about "the scholarship is worth so much you shouldn't care". That response is not helpful.

3. Do they keep the uniform issue at NSI or do they turn it back in upon completion? If they keep this issue, since they aren't supposed to bring anything to NSI, are they issued a back-pack or duffel to carry stuff back home? Is NSI uniform issue in addition to or in lieu of what they'll get from their NROTC unit? Will they have to pay for uniforms at the NROTC unit/deducted from stipend, etc?

4. Can they bring their own boots? My DS has god-awful expensive boots already broken in from his JROTC competitions. It would be sad to waste money on less-than-great-issue boots if they force him to buy them.
1. When I went, I ended up spending about $10. They take all of the candidates to the NEX(navy exchange) and you have the option to buy toiletries. They just say $300 to be precautious. Everything your son will wear at NSI will be issued for keeps. He will not have to pay for the uniform items
2. I don't remember being paid, I got paid about $800 for all of my other cruises though
3. You keep the uniform. He might be given a few more uniform items once he gets to his unit. They are all issued and paid for my the Navy/unit
4. No. He can wear the new boots once he gets to his unit, but the issued boots will be worn during NSI. You don't have to pay for them so just think of it as a free pair
I can't answer your questions above but out of curiosity - did DS get to put in a preference of which of the 3 NSI sessions he would prefer to go to date-wise, or do they just assign it based on when you accept the scholarship offer?
Our DS (selectee for NROTC @ Auburn) was informed by his unit HR staff during a meeting last week that NSI session selection would be groupings that were based on when he was selected for the scholarship. He was hoping to go to the 2nd session but was selected in Oct, so he heads to Great Lakes in June. I think he could request a different time if there were a major reason, but not because he wants to go to the beach 😜
I am going to refresh this thread instead of starting a new thread.

With the creation of NSI why is there still a multi-day NSO at each university?
I am going to refresh this thread instead of starting a new thread.

With the creation of NSI why is there still a multi-day NSO at each university?
Some units "fill up" and have a set number of trainees - Class of 2027 participants that are primarily national scholarship winners from HS. ERAU class of 2027 hosted unit is an example. Other units include college programmers and those new to NROTC who are joining without a scholarship to compete to earn advanced standing/ scholarships toward commissioning. read: not everyone attends NSI - some college programmers do, some sign up later or for whatever reason are not afforded the chance to do so before arriving at college. NSI is structured and not unit-centric, and depending on the year there is not a lot of unstructured time to bond/ get to know each other- attendees learn a foundation in military marching, courtesies, customs, standing watch, and a few other things I won't spoil. NSO provides an environment for the UNIT to gel, to set their expectations, to provide that initial fitness eval for all participants to see who is ready, to distribute uniforms for those who did not receive them at NSI, to orient the new participants (and returning participants in new roles), to review regulations/ processes, for the Cadre to meet and evaluate leaders, and for the Big 3 down to all participants to acclimate, get to know each other, again set standards, begin to constructively challenge the participants and to continue their growth evolution. What specifically beyond that would you like to know. I am on record singing the praises of the NSI program but I also feel NSO is terrific for unit-centric learning and also for those who did not attend NSI before arriving at their university.
Most units have a version of NSO but not all do. They are like fingerprints.....each unit NSO is unique.

When I ran GWU, day 1 of NSO was basically to familiarize Mids with the university. This is especially important for larger units with cross town universities. Where do you park or how do you use the metro, etc.

The Mids also get some perks from the university and that is explained at NSO. For GWU, Mids can check into their dorms one week early.

We would verify everyone's paperwork was in DODMERB complete or waiver approved or still pending, etc.

Parents were invited on day 1 of our NSO. While the Mids didn't ask many questions, the moms and dads had plenty. We would have several upper class parents volunteer to answer questions from their point of view and that part of NSO always went longer than expected.

There are a few other things bit that's the major stuff. Basically, at the end of NSO, your DS or DD can state they belong to "X" Company and "X" squad and they should know their way around campus and where they will do their drills.
Thank you both for your input. I am possibly putting the cart before the horse since NSI is the end of a long application process.

I think I understand the process since I have been on this forum for a while now, but it is certainly different than Army ROTC process in 1990-91.

DS (class of 2025) is beginning the 2 year prep and application journey.
Junior year: SAT, Sea Cadets drill weekends, Basketball, PT with Poolees after basketball season, AP Exams, Pull-Ups
Summer: Essays, Sea Cadets summer training, possibly one last SAT in August, more Pull-Ups
Senior year: Applications to schools and ROTC, interview with Marine District CO/XO, PFT, complete application for October Marine Option board