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    DS enlisted in AR after changing majors several times. Thanks to his unit which cancelled his reservation for Medic the day before MEPS, He took a 3 semester MLOA to attend BCT and AIT as a 68K...and found his calling!!! At JBSA (Ft. Sam), the teachers and Cadre often talked to the soldiers about the opportunities to become Medical Officers...DS came home motivated and ready to return to school...This semester has been difficult balancing Reserve responsibilities (mostly the learning curve associated with only seeing/communicating with people once a month) with cranking up the academics as he straddles catching up with physics/organic chem and combining them with 400 level MIC and MCB classes...but he is focused and happy...
    Now he is ready (Now or Never) to jump into the third lake, as he contracted yesterday...His Reserve unit is not happy, and he is nervous about how much grief they will give him when he reports to drill next week...He knows his orders for WLC in July will be pulled. He had been given an exemption from AT in order to attend WLC, so he is not sure how this summer will shake out. Ironically, his unit has been assigned to support LDAC this summer...It would be cool IF he could make that work, but completing Physics I this summer is a mandatory part of the academic plan he filed with ROTC...He literally CANNOT graduate in May '15 without I'm not sure if he will get his "preview opportunity" to check it out.
    Thanks to Jcleppe for pointing me to this forum...I have followed many threads back to last summer for info...I will try not to panic too often...He often tells me, "I'll figure it out Mom!"
    Any encouragement from Medical Majors is especially welcome...
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    Nursing/pre-med guy here.

    My only advice is to keep plugging away and try to get relevant EC experience. I assuming he is gunning for medical school? Realize 99% of people don't make it and even people who I thought were shoe-ins never got in.

    Always have a plan B

    Good luck

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