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    The Alumni Foundation Chairmanship is a two year appointment. The current Chairperson Ms. Ivy Barton Suter's term ends on 12/31. Today the USMMA Alumni Foundation made the following announcement in their on-line newsletter, if the MARAD Superintendent's search committee can find someone of equal credentials and with the same demonstrated passion for Kings Point I respectfully suggest all stakeholders will be pleased and well served.


    Elected to the Chairmanship of the USMMA Alumni Foundation at its annual meeting in October, Charlie Hill '65 brings a vast maritime, financial and volunteering experience to the Board of Directors. After sailing as a licensed engineer for three years, he earned an MBA from Harvard Business School (1970) and embarked on a career in investment banking. As Managing Director for Bankers Trust Company he became co-head of the Mergers and Acquisition and Private Equity Groups, and is a charter member of the Senior Executive Partnership which included the top 20 bank line officers. In 1990, Hill founded and became President and CEO of Fieldstone, Inc., a private investment banking firm, providing advisory services for capital raising, mergers and acquisitions through a worldwide network of offices. After purchasing the minority equity interest in the company in 1998, he sold the company in 2003 to a South African bank to devote more time to charitable endeavors. Hill became interested in the Kings Point wrestling program in 1996 when his son Morgan entered the Academy. In 2005, he transformed his investment banking skills to wrestling recruiting, helping improve the program to a 16th national ranking in 2008 and 12th in 2009. His ability to "sell" Kings Point went beyond wrestling to other varsity programs and talented scholar-athletes. He has been a major financial donor to the wrestling program resulting in the rehabilitation of the wrestling room and was co-chair in 1998 of fund raising for the new football field. The second floor conference room in the Vickery Gate Admissions Center was named for Hill's father and grandfather. He and his wife, Linda, have four children; Trevor (West Point '97), Morgan (KP '00), Kristen (Skidmore '00 and married to a '98 Kings Pointer) and Browen (Skidmore '03).

    Charlie Hill is the epitome of "Acta Non Verba" where the betterment of Kings Point is concerned. He is also an Alumnus who clearly understands the traditions as well as the positive impact KP can and does have on both a graduates life and that those graduates can have on our country. Additionally if you look at his life's experience you can see he is the kind of guy who clearly understands participatory management and leadership, and how you can achieve a consensus and positive results in real world situations where there's lots of different strong willed stake holders to satisfy. Clearly under his leadership our Alumni Foundation will continue to be a great source of support and help to Secretary LaHood; Acting Administrator Matsuda and ultimately the new superintendent in furthering the goal of making the USMMA the World's best Maritime Training Institution and a "jewel among our Nation's Service Academies."

    Obviously, I consider this a really good thing!

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