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Jan 5, 2009
Hello my name is Richard, and although I just created an account I have been looking at these forums for several months now. I have nominations for army, air force, and navy. I have my LOA for Air Force so as far as I know I have my appointment there. With Army and Navy I have been found fully qualified, so as my friend likes to call it, I am in "limbo" with Army and Navy.

Originally West Point was my #1, but with finding out more about the other two academies, I don't know anymore. I appreciate all the help that this forum has given to me already.
:welcome1: and good luck with whichever academy you choose. I am partial to USMA in case you couldn't tell. :wink:
Welcome and happy hunting to you. Sometimes it's easier to figure out what you absolutely, no way, can't possibly see yourself doing as a career service option after the SA. Work the issue backwards to the starting point.
We talk with our "sponsor family" of midshipmen who often agonize over whether to go Navy or Marine out of USNA. It's hard for them to sort out all the great options. So, we say, hey, what is something you can take off the table right now. Maybe they know in their bones going subs is not something they ever want to do. Then they start thinking about what is the next thing they would like to do less than the others. Then it might shake out that what they really, really want to do is fly Navy, but if they didn't get it, would be just fine doing other Navy things, but if they didn't get Marine air, they couldn't see themselves doing other Marine things on the ground.
Part of the challenge is knowing when you choose one path, you are closing the doors on others -- very hard for someone at your life stage to do.
As I'm fond of posting, knowledge is power. Find out about all the post-SA options and mentally try 'em on for size. Factor in how you feel about the tangibles and intangibles at each SA: the culture as well as the hard facts. Ya gotta find an accommodation between the 4-year fit and the post-SA fit, i.e., a solution which solves both equations to a level that is satisfactory to you.

I received a appointment to USMA in late november/early december. this has been a dream that i have been persuing for the past 4 years i think. I am very excited and ready for the challenge and know that this is a awesome opportunity. the reason, i guess, that i searched for a forum like this is b/c i have a question that has been driving me crazy and that i am sorta worried about. with the midterms coming up and the grades coming in, i am worried that i might get one or two cs for the first semester in two of the hardest courses that my school offers (IB Chemistry and IB Math). my question is if admissions can withdraw a presidential appointment b/c of the cs. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
ibman377, do you have a nomination or an appointment? There is no such thing as Presidential Appointment, rather a Presidential nomination and an ensuing appointment to the academy.

I don't think they would withdraw an appointment or a nomination. However, it is my understanding that if you have a presidential nomination, you are not guaranteed an appointment. I would be prepared to explain those grades.

Why don't you post your question on one of the academy forums or even the nominations forum where many more experienced folks will see it and reply.

Thanks for the advice and sorry for the confusion. I do have a presidential nomination and an apointment to USMA that I received in early December. I'll see if anybody can help me some more on one of the suggested threads. Thanks a lot.
ibman377 - you don't have anything to worry about with one or two C's in IB courses.

Have a good senior year and finish strong! This will help you with your validation tests the first week or two of Beast!