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    Hi all,
    I've been a member for a few weeks now. This forum website is wonderful, but also overwhelming. My DS has been awarded a 4 year Type 7 AF ROTC scholarship. All of his college choices, however, are out of state, so he will be converting it to a 3 year Type 2 scholarship. Wants to be a pilot, has awesome grades, extracurriculars, but military lifestyle will be new for him. As a result, he thought a 4 year traditional college with ROTC would be a better fit than USAFA. Applied to several schools. Accepted to a couple, offered waitlist at a couple, and still waiting to hear from a few more.

    However, after multiple discussions and encouragement from USAFA grads we know, and a tour of the Academy (we live just 5 miles up the road), he was very motivated to pursue the USAFA as well. Trouble was, we were late getting started. This was mid/late October 2013. Colorado congressmen and senators close their application processes by end of September, and even calling them personally, they informed us that they had already conducted their interviews. The only remaining available route was a VP nomination, which he has applied for.

    We are waiting to hear news. Trying to be patient, but it is so hard. Working on a Plan B, but hoping Plan A works out, of course. Because of our late start, we were told that DS will probably be one of the last to find out anything. DS is ready and so am I for some "closure".:smile:

    Thanks to everyone for all your words of wisdom. Maybe someday I'll be able to offer my own.

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