Newport to Bermuda Race


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Feb 9, 2009
Three Kings Point racing boats will start the 634 mile Newport to Bermuda Race tomorrow. Midshipman are getting boats ready, taking last minute final exams, and getting ready for one of the worlds greatest yacht races. You can follow Starlight, Genuine Risk, and Vanquish on the below web sites.

Official Race Page
Race Tracking

I'll be posting updates to the Waterfront Blog from the race course.
Our son is one of the navigators on Starlight. Do you know of a good web site that shows the current conditions of the golf stream? I want to track their boat to see if they are sweet spot :thumb:and have not been able to find an updated chart on the golf stream.
The USMMA Mids are looking good - Genuine Risk and Vanquish kicking tail right now and Starlight close behind Invictus with a solid chance to keep the Navy Mids off the layline until they are astern of our guys. Go Mariniers!
Do I correctly read that Genuine Risk has come in first in the Open Division?

Whoo Hoo! Go Mariners!
And Vanquish is number 1 in St David's Lighthouse division Class 8!!

Go Mariners!!!!
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Just got a text from my son, he's on Genuine Risk. Says they won! :thumb:
Update: Unfortunately, it looks like Vanquish was edged out by other boats when the "corrected time" was tallied and has come in in fourth place. Still, a very respectable showing!

Congratulations, Kings Point Mariners!