^^ Thanks for the help. Wasn't sure how the ATM fees for USAA worked. Good to know.
^^ Thanks for the help. Wasn't sure how the ATM fees for USAA worked. Good to know.

There is a USAA office on Prince George St. a few hundred feet from the Perry walk gate at Gate 1. Many Plebes to Be and families drop in there the day before I-Day to update status on auto insurance and get banking squared away. Both are good options. If you have auto insurance with USAA, they will no longer charge you for the plebe’s portion of the policy premium, and they will still be covered when they drive at home, same as if you loaned the car to Aunt Sally while she was visiting.
I’m glad you resurrected this thread. I was wondering about the NFCU. My father in law was an officer back in the 50’s, so when we were married we took on USAA. I will NEVER choose a different insurance company. They have been absolutely great over the years for Home, auto and personal property. We had a lightning storm several summers ago and had a strike on a tree right outside our house. It blew right thru the surge protectors and took out TVs, computers, electric stove, and even the garage door opener. Was on the phone with USAA the next morning, the rep walked through the list, valued it all and had a check direct deposited the next day in our account to cover it and get us back up and running ASAP. We have our cc and bank accounts with them as well, and now all the kids have their accounts there too. So DS is already set up, but the accessibility of NFCU and their cc promo sounds interesting. USAAs mobile app is good too. We deposit checks electronically all the time and they do a lot to make it accessible since they don’t really have branches. So to answer the question about why both, in the less often cases where I want to deposit cash I opened a small local account where I can deposit and then transfer, and use that account as a vaca account away from day to day transactions as well.

Another experience in this vein not just for the mids but all of us, my older daughter had an issue going back to college in OH last year where some scammer had a skimmer set up on a gas pump and hyjacked her account. So before she got to the next town they’d cleaned out her account and left her high and dry in the middle of the country on her own. Freaked us all out. Luckily the gas station owner in the next town let us call in our card over the phone otherwise she would have been in a real jam. So diversity of accounts / backup plans are not a bad thing especially when traveling abroad and away from the help of family they’re used to. Sad part of today’s technology that it’s something we have to plan for.

Last note as someone else pointed out, USAAs mortgages are not competitive. I’ve tried on our last three houses and have always gone elsewhere. It’s their only weak spot I have found.