night blindness??


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Dec 4, 2008
thinking about the Air Force as a career option, specifically thinking about applying to the USAFA. I looked on the DoDMERB website disqualification codes list and have a few questions about some of the things they listed.
#1: is ANY night blindness an automatic disqualifier?
#2: when they say limited range of motion of wrist joint, how limited do they mean?
#3: how fast is too fast for a pulse rate?

also, out of curiosity I was wondering why the disqualification codes for severe acne and malocclusion?
I know this doesnt help but...

Go into the JAG corp!!!

...sorry, Im watching JAG right now and for those of you that watch that, Commander Rabb...night em.

Larry Mullen is the man to talk to for DoDMERB.
Email me at Larry.Mullen@ Cuz U have not applied yet, I don't need your last 4 of your SSN.

Explain to me in detail how the ones you singled out below apply to you and then I can answer you more accurately:thumb: