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    If it is accurate that this year there will be only LOAs for minorities and recruited athletes what is the hurry to get our applications completed if you are not one of these two prestigious demographics? (Assuming that there are no concerns with DODmerb so time to allow for waivers are not needed) Wont each file have to wait to presented as a slate from the MOC and these slates are not due until January. We keep hearing that as it is a rolling admission it is better to be sooner-however, without LOAs will it no longer be rolling admission for nonminorites and nonrecruited athletes?
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    My regional admissions officer said that it is important to get your file done early because it gives them more time to review it and your file will get more individual attention. The regional directors said that summer is the slowest time of year because the previous class is done and the autumn rush of applicants is still a few months away. Also, it looks favorable if you are finished early. It shows ambition and drive.
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    Presidential nominees don't have to wait until MOCs make their nominations.

    RC sometimes make an early appointment offers based on the competitiveness of the district, since they have some flexibility that some of the candidates will get more than one nomination.
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    Agree with both of the above. Also at our MALO training, our RC discussed his ability to "find" points for strong candidates by searching through their files more carefully. Obviously they have much more time to do so when 50 files are open in July than when thousands are in January. For example, if you put in something like "Club Officer", it might be worth nothing to your WCS, or conversely, if the RC has time to find out exactly what you did (either through what you submitted, what a teacher wrote in a recommendation, or by asking for further information), it might end up being worth significant point. Which would most likely be overlooked come January.

    Also realize that you can always update your file so there's no reason not to get it done early.
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    Bottom line - there are hugh advantages for getting your file completed early. There are hugh disadvantages for getting your file done late.
    The choice is yours.
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    LOA consideration is not the only benefit of completing your file early.
    Other benefits:
    - it shows your RC and FFR that you are a dedicated and determined candidate
    - medical waivers will not be requested unless your file is complete
    - you're more likely to get an authorization for a CFA retest if test was failed
    - there are some issues that arise in a file review that take time to resolve - like citizenship verification, risk review, and legal or discipline problems -to name a few
    - one thing that you may not have thought about is the impact that early file completion has on the MOCs. If your file is complete, it then can move to the next step which is to be Qualified. Being Qualified before you go to your MOC interview sends a message to the MOC that you are a 'no risk' to nominate because WP has already Qualified you. Noms are wasted on candidates who are not Qualified. Therefore, MOCs like knowing this kind of info before they make their slates.
    The Qualifying process takes several weeks (and takes longer the later you wait due to increasing file volume), so you want your file complete in time to be Qualified before any MOC interviews!

    From our former RC:
    The best candidates tend to complete their files early because they ARE the best candidates. They complete everything in their life early and can manage the numerous activities going on in their life. They have established relationships with their teachers and school administrators and know how to work through the high school bureaucracy that stymies other candidates. They are motivated and West Point is their first choice.

    I think that speaks volumes!
    Early file completion is something that RCs consistently emphasize.

    So - if you don't get a LOA, you have not 'wasted' your time getting your file completed during the summer. :thumb:

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