No Longer a Mid Mom...


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Jun 11, 2014
Well he got her done. Now I am feeling like I need to form a new identity. Amazing how this experience has been such a big deal to our whole family. Can't believe the 4 years are gone already, almost seems surreal to me. He says he just feels like he is on leave.

Truth is he is headed right back to Annapolis as he will be working in the Computer Department while waiting for his flight training. So his life will be different, but he won't feel far from "Home"
No, but the very first time he goes to work and his "old friends" suddenly address him as "Sir" and the like...

It'll feel VERY different!

When he drives through Gate 8 or 1, gets saluted by a petty officer on duty with a "sir," parks in non-1/c parking and returns salutes to mids and his former company gunny or chief while walking to his stash job...

The next really big shock is the first time you see yourself in the mirror wearing a cover with scrambled eggs, with interim jolts as the warfare pin arrives on the uniform and the ribbon rack grows.
It was a great graduation. Of all the ones I've been to there, this was the first one where it was not hot and humid.