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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by runnergrl13, Jan 9, 2013.

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    So I somehow got 3 nominations (2 senators and my representative) to the Air Force Academy, but none to the Naval Academy. Am I officially out of the running for an appointment?
    Don't get me wrong, I am REALLY excited about USAFA. However, after visiting USNA and getting to experience it first-hand, I feel that my heart is set on it. Also, it is more relevant for what I want to do career-wise. Is my best approach to finish the last details of my application, and pray for the extremely rare chance of a VP nomination? Or have I exhausted all of my options? Is there anything left that I could try? Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!!...I Just don't want to find out later that I left an option on the table. Thank you!!
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    First, congrats on 3 noms to USAFA. Well done!

    I guess my first question is which SA did you list first with your MOCs? If you listed USAFA for one or more . . . this is often the result. If you listed USNA first on all three, it's somewhat surprising that all gave you a second choice.

    The GENERAL rule is that you won't get an appointment to USNA. Just being honest but that's been my experience.

    As to what you can do . . . let your USNA RD know that you really want USNA. IF you put USNA first on all your MOC slates, indicate that. If you didn't . . . I suspect USNA will think that, if you put USAFA first with at least one MOC, you got your first choice so . . .

    It is possible that USNA could give you a Supe's nom. But, with 3 noms to USAFA, it's much less likely.

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