no way to update SAT and such once a candidate is boarded????

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by educateme, Oct 4, 2010.

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    Today, my son talked with a PMS of one of the schools on his "school of intent" list, and was told that once he is boarded (meaning, his complete file is complete and presented to the board for evaluation), you cannot update it with better SATs, etc for the later boards.

    This was not what he was told by an AROTC advisor a few months back.

    Any thoughts, input???
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    Last year the only thing that would change your score after you were boarded was your SAT or ACT. You were to have them sent and your score would automatically change. At least this is the information given to us by an ROTC advisor and Cadet Command.
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    My son's first SAT (1190) was good enough for the Army, but low for his first-choice college. When he got his second score (1340) we submitted it to the college and the Army.

    In a subsequent phone call with the ROO at his first choice school, she didn't seem too optimistic about Son's chances of a scholarship there. Why? Because she only saw the old SAT score in the file. As soon as I told her Son had submitted a better score, she looked for it and became an admissions advocate for him.

    Happy ending: He got the scholarship and admission to the college.

    Lesson learned: Keep the college's ROTC office informed of your status.

    Good luck!
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    While I obviously don't know what *really* happened behind the scenes but...we finished my daughters ROTC package in the 1st week of October 2009. We don't know if her pakage made it in front of the October board but it was definitely done for the December board.

    In the middle of the month, after the board met, we received a call from the PMS at Michigan. He told us to go thru my daughters ENTIRE application and update everything we could. We updated all types of stuff (leadership, employment, volunteer work) but NOT the SAT or ACT scores because that didn't apply to us. We got a call a weeek later from the PMS And he said my daughters score "shot up".

    The next board met in early January and my daughter received a scholarship at that time. Did it help or was her score updated after the changes? I'm not sure but it appears so. That being said, I've read MANY times that you can't update anything but your test scores.

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