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Discussion in 'Nominations' started by WaffleAndMapleSyrup, May 30, 2016.

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    Ive come across a major setback during the admission process. Ive applied to USAFA And USNA. After reading around and contacting senators and congressmen theres no at all that they can give me a nomination. Nobody in my family has any military background and I havent lived in the States for 12 years now(Though Im a citizen by birth and i qualify for the vice presidential in every way) The vice presidential requires a current and permanent address and both require of me to put in a state and zip code(which I technically dont have). Does anybody know what has to be done?
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    Did you read the advice to US students living abroad on the USAFA website? You apply for a nom in your hometown (where your parents pay taxes). If you don't have one then you can only apply for the VP.
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    We had a USNA sponsor mid who dad worked for the State Dept, lived OCONUS the last 8 years. Got a nom from home state of Maryland, which parents claimed as state of residence for tax purposes. Ditto a USNA sponsor daughter whose Dad was an IT contractor who worked at various places in Asia, family lived in Singapore. She got one from tax state of TX.

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