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Discussion in 'Nominations' started by kmjg2000, Oct 26, 2008.

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    I have my interviews with my Representative and Senators this month (Nov.). Would it be acceptable to bring a short resume to the panel so they could use that as they interview me. I did this with my BGO and ALO and they seemed to like using it as they spoke to me.

    Thank you.


    Julia Grose
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    Bring it, but be prepared to not use it.

    Last year, my son did the same thing but our Senator's panel did not allow the candidates to bring ANYTHING into the room with them, including papers.
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    It all depends on the panel. My daughter brought a folder with paper, a pen and several copies of her resume. She shared it at all three interviews.

    If you can't bring it in - you can at least review it while you are waiting.

    Also, you might want to read over the application instruction and and correspondence you received from the MOC office. If the instructions say not to bring anything extra then don't - otherwise take it and see what happens.
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    At our DS's interview they had all of the information including his recs and his transcripts.

    JAM is right check and see what the letter says to you. If it says bring nothing than bring nothing...remember the military is about following instructions. If doesn't state anything than feel free to bring it
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    Before your interview, definitely review your "resume" and other materials you submitted. A lot of interviewers like to ask you about something on your resume -- in part because it's a "softball" that should loosen up the interviewee and in part because they're interested. So, if you put down that you've been in Biology Club for 4 years, be prepared to discuss what the club does and your involvement in their activities.

    This, by the way, folks, is one reason that you should NEVER embellish your resume. Take the above example, only, instead of being an active member of the Biology Club for four years, you attended only the organzational meetings (1 per year) for four years. When someone asks you what the Biology Club does, you'll say . . . what?

    Nom interviews, even more than BGO interviews, can really run the gamut because what is asked and even what is covered is ENTIRELY up to the committee members. As with most interviews . . .

    -- Maintain eye contact but don't try to stare down your interviewer(s)
    -- Don't fiddle
    -- Take justifiable pride in your accomplishments but don't brag
    -- Be honest
    -- Don't disparage other SAs or civilian schools
    -- Show enthusiasm

    Many of you will get a "hardball" question -- for example, what five adjectives best describe you (an actual question I once got in a job interview). Don't panic. Don't try to guess what they want you to say. Just do your best. And realize that all other interviewees got the same or similar question.:wink:

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