Nomination Interview


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Jan 11, 2017
I have applied for multiple nominations but have not had an interview for one yet. Also, I have not gotten a nomination yet. :/ My first interview is this upcoming Saturday and I am very unprepared for the interview. Any pointers? Any knowledge on what types of questions will be spoken?
If you search up "Nomination Interview" or something along the lines of that, a lot of great information (including how to dress) should pop up. Each interview with each MOC is different, but I'd be prepared to answer some of the basics:
Why do you want to attend X SA?
Why are you qualified/what have you been doing to prepare?
Did you attend the Summer Seminar?
What are your goals and aspirations?
What is a typical weekly schedule for you?
Talk about leadership, etc.

To your interview, make sure you arrive early. Each time, I brought my resume, even though the board members already had it, because it gave me talking points to think about. Make sure that you don't just memorize answers that the board members MAY want to hear. Be yourself and take deep breaths. Good luck!!!