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J Collins

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Aug 5, 2008
one of our Senators says they nominate 10 to each academy. but they say the names are private due to privacy laws?

If this is the case why do some actually list the names in the paper?
Good question! I don't know the answer but one possibility is that the MOC asked permission of the applicants to post their names in the paper if they received a nomination.
they didn't get any permission from me...i bet it's their right as MOC's to do publish your name, maybe?
Our MOC and our Senators only publish the names of those who ACCEPT their appointments, they don't publish every nomination they give.
I recall DS signing a release form, but I don't recall if it was for the AFA or an MOC. It stated something about whether you wanted your name published and which paper to publish it in. Your MOC could have buried it in the packet.
I am getting google alerts galore about SA nominations. Congressmen and Senators all over the country are announcing nominations (and even a few appointments) and the local papers are publishing the stories.

I am not sure what the privacy rights of nominees to the public SAs are....but I think one becomes "a public figure" as soon the nomination or appointment is accepted. :wink:

Last year the West Point Association of Graduates collected many of the published stories of the entering class of 2012 and posted them here:

(Unfortunately most of the links to these local papers have expired. So if your name is mentioned be sure to save/print the article; links to newspaper websites expire after a few days/weeks.)

Congratulations to all who have received nominations!!!
Technically, the actual "slate" is protected but the names of nominees is not. That means the MOC may choose to do a press release with the names only but nothing further. Many MOCs do submit a press release while some do not. A typical response from an office not doing one is the privacy rules ... the real issues have more to do with those who did not get a nomination than those that did or an effort to avert constituent issues.

It is not uncommon for non-nominated parents to contact a MOC office outraged. There are any number of steps that are taken by some of these families that cause great amounts of work & effort for the MOC office, the SA & the Pentagon to verify/prove that the un-nominated candidate was correctly not nominated. It is because of the severity of some of these issues, that the vast majority of MOCs are well out of the process & use totally impartial committees to make such recommendations. For the most part, most nominations have been documented thoroughly & carefully reviewed to make it as objective a decision as possible & to ensure it stands up to the scrutiny of investigation.
It's is usually more of a press release that may or may not go on their website (from what I've seen). The newspapers/TV then do with it what they please.

When I got my Nom. from my senator he released my name in the paper, however i had to sign a press release form in the nom packet.