nomination when will it show up on website?


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Jan 7, 2008
i recieved a nomiation late november early december to west point but it still has not shown up on the usma candidate website. Is this bad? should i contact my congressmen or admissions to see what is going on?
The holidays tend to slow things down. If you don't see it by the end of the week, you may want to send a note via your candidate site to the Admissions team.
Even worse for me. The congressional office told me that I received a nomination, but I got nothing in the mail, and the site doesn't say jack. I wonder...
It took over two weeks for my son's nom to show up on CIS. The USMA nom showed up the next day after the phone call from the senator. There are probably different ways to submit the information. Don't forget, the last two weeks everything was shut down for the holidays. Also, isn't mail delivery a little slow to your neck of the woods?
my nomination showed up on the website today :w00t:
Well all four of our noms are now on the site as of this morning, waiting for the Burr's letter to see if he gives principal or rack and stack, then we will go into the wait and wait and wait for the SA...anybody have valium leftover from when they went through it:shake:
Still waiting on my congressional to show up... :confused:
Do you know when and how Burr is communicating his decision about the nominations because I don't remember being told that info at my interview.
Burrs show up on the site this morning, still waiting for the letter, did they give you an idea at the iunterview if they were giving principal? He had 20 to interview for AFA and 2 slots so we were thinking he was giving everybody the nod and maybe giving principal, but if he follows Dole, than it is not a rack and stack...we'll let you know when we get it. Strange thing we had Dole's in hand before it showed up on the web.

Who's your congressional?
How do MOCs submit the candidate's name? Do they do it electronically?, do they submit some sort of letter with the names listed?, or do they basically submit the application we presented to the MOCs at the very beginning of this process? :confused:
I do not know, admissions had called my ds about his congressman nom on Monday and it was on the website on Weds.

Received Doles letter on a sat., and it should up on Sunday on the site.

Burrs interview was last saturday, no letter in hand yet, but it showed up on the site yesterday.

My assumption is that the MOC's submit their list electronically and send paper back-ups, only way I can explain why one of the noms showed up over the weekend on the site
The MOC's submit a list of names. Your application stays with them.
In fact, when my daughter applied again this year her MOC's still had her application on file and she only needed to update it.

The deadline is Jan 31st for MOC's to submit to the academies and they submit the list of names all at one time. Even though you found that you are nominated doesn't mean the list is complete - there could be candidates who still need to be interviewed or open spots on the slate the MOC wants to fill.

If your nomination does not show up by the first week in Feb, I suggest you call admissions.
Price is my MOC. I got a nomination from Burr via letter today, but I don't know if he does competitive or principal... I'll keep my eyes glued to my candidate webpage and if I don't see anything in the next week or so I'll give usma a call.
Update ...

On Saturday the Acad sent one of those little postcards, saying we have received your nom from Dole...which we knew already from her & the website.

I write this, b/c this came from AFA directly, so you should also receive a postcard from the SA (at least AFA). It was postmarked Jan 10th, and we had it online on the Dec 23rd, letter in hand on the 22nd.

I hope this helps others, obviously there was almost a 3 week lag time, so if it showed up on the site, they will also send a hard copy.

We are still waiting for the congressman's letter, nom showed up on the site on the 9th, no letter from yet, or postcard from AFA

Burr's nom showed up on the site Friday Jan 11th, letter from Burr arrived on Sat. the 12th...I suspect postcard will be in hand by the 1st of Feb.