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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by sbbond93, Jan 17, 2010.

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    As the application gets under way on February 1st, when would it be advisable to officially apply for a nomination or establish contact with the representatives or senators? Also what happens if the MOC does not get re-elected in the fall?
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    Check out your Congressman's web page. When the application process is open and deadlines will be posted there. You will likely begin the application and gathering recommendations, etc the summer before your senior year. Each MOC has a code with SAT and ACT to have test scores sent directly to them, just like colleges. Each MOC has a different process and requires application submitted a certain way. Be sure to follow the letter.

    MOC's change all the time.........their staff must pass along the apps in progress to the new one, or finish the process before the newly elected MOC would take office. You cannot worry about this. You have no control over that, so no sense in worrying about it.
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    Normally the sitting MOC will be responsible for the current crop of nominations. Keep in mind that normally the new MOCs do not take office until the first of the next calendar year. As jennyp noted you should not have to worry about this item, but do be aware of what is transpiring and keep in touch with your MOCs district office.

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