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    Hi. My DS and I are confused about something and we have not been able to find info on this on the web. I am hoping someone on this forum can help shed some light.

    He is active duty army. He wants to get a degree and then fly, so he is considering going back to school via either the Air Force Academy or Naval Academy. He is also considering civilian options but would far prefer to stay in the service.

    According to what I have read, he needs to get a recommendation from his commander (company or brigade?), but he seems to think that the commander recommendation only works if he is staying in the same branch of military, and because of this he would have to get an MOC nomination (since he would be switching branches.)

    Does anyone know what the nomination source in this instance would be?

    Thanks in advance!
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    In the USNA Admissions Dept, as I suspect for USAFA, there is a senior enlisted member who advises enlisted applicants. Your DS should call that contact, as a primary source of current information. Easily asked for by calling the General Admissions number. A shortcut to lots of answers by enlisted personnel.

    His very first step is to ensure he will not be over age 23 on July 1 of the year he wants to start at a SA, and he may have to factor in a year at the SA prep school. I’m typing this on the fly, but he should read every page, dropdown and link on the SA websites for accurate primary source info.
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    It's possible he may not be able to attend the academy or ROTC program of another service until he completes his enlisted service obligation. I'm just getting but it would seem to be a topic worth confirming when following Capt MJ's advice. I'm confident other folks here will correct my surmise if it is wrong.