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Apr 20, 2017
Hi guys, unfortunately I did not receive any scholarship this year, however, I'm still willing to participate. I read online that in order to enroll as a non scholarship cadet, all I need to do is to sign up for MS classes and Leadership labs, but is that really it? or are there other things I need to do?

By the way, I have recently committed to Boston University, so if any of you can provide some insight on BU's ROTC program I would definitely appreciate it.

According to ClarksonArmy, an ROO, it is indeed the case that you only need to sign up for the classes and the labs. On the off chance there is some variance between schools, you should contact the unit at Boston University to confirm there is no other paperwork that needs to be completed. It would be a good way to reach out and let them know you plan on enrolling anyway. You could also confirm course numbers which will vary by college. Good luck!
Definitely contact the ROO at BU. There may be a separate orientation for all incoming MS-I cadets. Get the info directly from the ROO plus you can express your interest in applying for a campus based scholarship.

As a "walk-on" you will be given most of what you need to participate in AROTC. You definitely want to earn a scholarship or contract in order to be eligible to pass through to MS-III in your junior year (if you seek a commission).
Two years ago DS earned a 3 year AD scholarship by November of his freshman year.

Also, be ready for the APFT!!!!

Recruiting Operations Officer
Mr. Ken Harris
128 Bay State Rd
Boston, MA 02215
Phone: 617-353-4025

BU AROTC Website:
So technically yes, but in the interest of the future (potential scholarships) showing your interest now and letting them know you are coming is always good. Another item to consider is when you arrive on campus. For my daughter's school they moved in all cadets (even non scholarship) early for ROTC orientation, primarily to do paperwork but also to set the tone for the rest of the year and to do practice PFT, learn how to properly address different individuals etc. BU might not do that but if they do you would not want to miss! It is possible the ROO knew about those cadets because they were registered for MS1 classes, but a phone call can go a long way to making sure you are kept in the loop.

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