Non-Weighted 2.8 GPA/3.4 GPA for one semester. Problematic?


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Jan 18, 2018
I'm a sophomore with 2 Ap classes 3 Honors and one Spainish 2 class and varsity water polo. I didn't commit to the AF Academy till late semester and ended with two Cs in English H and Trig H with 3 B's and two A's. Academic GPA is 2.8 non weighted. Normal weighted 3.4. I know it's atrocious but, I'm full committed/ motivated and I swear on my life they will all be straights A's that being said if Junior and Senior year are straight A's and Freshmen year was too is this one sophomore semester going to completely disqualify me? can I at least get into prep school for USAFA? Thanks in advance. Im very stressed/concerned. Also I want to play for their water polo team as I play club water polo.
That depends. Lots of variables. You don't have your senior year to help pad your grades. Your application will essentially be assesed on freshman through junior year. What caused the slump sophomore year? A major life event. A hardship that becomes a learning experience? Are you blue chip athletic material? Even if you are you need to meet the minimum requirements. Do you have phenominal SAT or ACT scores. If everything else is on the phenominal end of the spectrum and you had one bad semester, then maybe. Is your cumulative GPA 2.8 or just the one semester? Do you have a strong leadership resume? Are you a gifted kid who has been lost and now just figuring out your goals? Have you assessed yourself as a D1 athlete. Does your team compete at state level competition? Are you the kid at the pool at 5 am before school swimming and again school for team practice? What do you do in the off season? What are you passionate about? what drives/motivates you? Why USAFA? What is it about a military career that interests you? Why do you want to be a leader in the military? Please excuse the typos, im using a small phone.
Never say never. If someone tells you it is impossible, don't believe it- anything is possible. Plan your work and work your plan. In the end, if you don't get may find something better than you initially imagined. Always strive to do your best no matter what it is.
Thanks so much for the response the reason for the slump was I wasn't motivated for college nor did I know where I want to go or what I want to do until I found the Academy and realized how selective and competitive it is. I am at the pool for morning practices one of few and usually have 2 practices per day with club/highschool. My school isn't D1 but my club is Socal Water Polo that has been declared "Best Club In America" several times by A Chairmans Cup. I've played in Junior Olympics at Stanford and I'm currently bulking up as I'm 45 pounds lighter than the lightest water polo player on the Academy team. I do believe that would I be able to improve as my high school coach can get me a scholar ship for a club swim team to get faster. I'll do my best to be blue chip material but as a Sophomore right now and weighing 140 I don't think I am. I'm taking tutoring classes for the SAT and busting my ass with an Internship for a congressman (he provides a recommendation letter for interns) , I'm joining civil air patrol, I'm soon to be a leader of a club/project that cleans up beaches has raised money and has a website and it is the most effective/productive club at my high school I'm also a part of a Model United Nations Program at my school. The slump is definitely a learning experience and haunts me given time I could give a confident persuasive speech for the cause and it's effects.
You do sound motivated and determined. Remember quality vs quantity, though. Do everything well but don't burn out.

Bulking is a tricky thing. Do you have coach help, changing your diet? You also have to balance swimming, bulking and preparing for the CFA which requires tons of time in the weight room, the pool *and* the calisthenics. My son spent 3-5 hours a day doing PT between bulking, weight room, football, and calisthenics.

Your congressman may give recommendations to Interns (ours does too), but that won't help you come nomination time. Do well there, focus every day on what you can learn, and cognitively use those skills with your other opportunities.
Yes quality vs quantity. If you are joining CAP because someone told you that is needed to get in ,don't. If you are personally interested then do.
From experience many folks told us our son would not get in because he was not an eagle scout or in CAP. We heard from well wishers that we didn't spend the 3000 bucks to send him to leadership seminars. The list goes on. Well he got in just by doing what he did best.

Don't try to become what you think or someone else thinks the academy wants. Be your best you. That's my humble opinion.

You sound like your on the right track now. Don't sweat the past. You learned, now what you do with that experience will define your character.
Thank you both so much for your replies. I cant meet with my training coach(helps with whatever I need to work on athelticaly) for bulking until feburary. I do drink a weight gainer powder with a ton of protein because of my high metabolism. I do a mini workout at night and hard workout on the weekend. When I do my homework(at night usually) I always keep in mind that I need to do it efficiently and learn something from it which I do. Every committment I'm apart of I love or at least like doing. I want to join CAP not just for the Academy but, because of the oppurtunity to fly at the Virginia Flight Academy or to fly a glider plane. I also have family members who are committed body builders who help me. Anyways thnak you again and I'll keep the advice in mind.
It sounds like you want to go to college at USAFA. But do you want to serve your country in the armed forces? Make sure your motivation is correct.
Definetly, I aim to be a fighter pilot for either the F-35 or F-22 and I also plan on finding an oppurtunity to recieve a flight contract if Im at the academy ensuring I end up plioting some type of aircraft. I also understand that may not happen but, I'll be happy to at least become a 2nd Lt.
Just stumbled onto this thread, but wondering if OnePilot2Planes ended up applying to USAFA? Still playing water polo? Hope your junior year went well; you were certainly determined!
Just stumbled onto this thread, but wondering if OnePilot2Planes ended up applying to USAFA? Still playing water polo? Hope your junior year went well; you were certainly determined!
@OnePilot2Planes has not been on the forum since April 24th of 2018, so they are not likely to read your posting.