Normal dodmerb timing?


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Sep 18, 2018
Hello. My case was sent to DODMERB 5 weeks ago from DODMETS. My case status on the Dodmets website is “closed.” I have been checking the DODMERB website regularly, but the status has not changed from “under review” in over a month. Is this normal? Anyone else experienceing a similar thing?
I would call and check into it. I saw where someone else's stuff was lost in the transition when the website was down. I think you have been patient enough and it warrants a phone call!
DODMERB can take a long time for anything quite frankly, be patient but be involved. I recommend calling the designated person for your situation at DODMERB, this doesn’t always make a difference in timing but can definitely yield some answers that it sounds like you’re seeking (why it’s taking so long, if that’s normal, if there is any change in status that they can tell you over the phone). Good luck! :)
My DS (current freshman in college this fall) has been waiting since March 2018. He was awarded a 4 yr AFROTC scholarship. His status on the site has not changed since June even though his contact states she submitted it in June and again the middle of August. Status shows ...Current Medical Status:Awaiting Waiver Requested Remedial Response.

His DQ was for D223.91 - Recurrent ACL reconstruction, (2 separate freak football injuries his junior and then senior year). It has been over a year since his last ACL surgery, and back in June, his surgeon cleared him to resume all normal and physical activities, without restrictions. His flexibility numbers at 0/140 exceed the AFROTC standards and has a negative Lachmans test. He is now at an out state college, fully participating in ROTC and doing all the PT with out any issues, and we are still waiting for his waiver decision. Being former Navy myself, I advised him to just focus at the task at hand and let the process play out....hopefully sooner rather than later.