North Georgia


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Feb 9, 2008
Over my spring break my dad and I visited NGCSU and The Citadel. I loved them both very much but am strongly leaning towards North Georgia (for the freedom & !price!). I am applying in June for both the school and an Army Scholarship. I was wondering if anyone here is an alumni or has children attending NGCSU that can give me some ideas about cadet life and the academics. I got to talk to a cadet (who led the tour), but feel that some of his comments might be a litttle bias.

thanks for any info.
We live about an hour and a half from there....when I took my son to vote, we ran into a neighbor who asked what his college plans were. Son replied USMA. Neighbor shook his hand and replied, "My dad was stationed there, and I couldn't get I chose the 2nd best school in the country for my commission: North Georgia."
I'm a sophomore in the Corps of Cadets at NGCSU. If you have any questions please ask me. Send it in a private message though please.