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    Just a quick round-up of the deadlines and status of the nomination process and calendars for the various nominating authorities for USMMA in Northern VA (one of the more competitive areas), in general, deadlines for nominations for the entering Class of 2016 (reports to USMMA in July 2012) are past and the cycle for the entering Class of 2017 is beginning. Now is a great time for prospective candidates to contact the admissions office and schedule campus visits, especially overnight visits which are usually very helpful in exposing the Academy to you and vice versa as you are trying to determine if the USMMA is a good place for you to start pursuing a career. It's also a great time to just get organized and understand the requirements and timing of the various deadlines for the multiple things required to obtain admissions: Congressional Nomination; DoDMERB; CFA; and USMMA Admissions Application (which includes standard test scores, essay, etc.). The cycle for and deadlines for this Congressional Nomination information is from the pertinent portions of their websites and links are included:

    Senator Warner:
    The deadline for requesting a nomination to the Class of 2016 from Senator Warner was September 30, 2011. As with the nominating authorities below those seeking nominations to the Class of 2017 can start the process next spring. The website has details after you register.

    Senator Webb:
    From the Senator's website:

    In the recent past the Senator's office has started accepting applications for nominations in late April/Early May and closed the application process in the October timeframe.

    Congressman Connolly (VA-11):
    The deadline for nomination requests for the Class of 2016 was October 15, 2011 and the review board is now scheduling and conducting interviews. Prospective candidates for the Class of 2017 should anticipate the Congressman's Office will begin accepting applications on or about March 1, 2012 as they have done in the recent past.,19

    Congressman Wolf (VA-10):
    The deadline for applications for the Class of 2016 appointments ended on November 1; prospective candidates for the Class of 2017 (enters USMMA in July 2013) can begin the process of obtaining a nomination by completing the forms on the Congressman's website.

    Congressman Moran (VA-8):
    The deadline for submitting applications for nomination from Congressman Moran for the Class of 2016 is November 15, 2011 (this coming Tuesday). Nominations packages for the Class of 2017 can be submitted starting on May 15th, 2012. The details of these answers are from the Congressman's website FAQ on Nominations, the link below is the entry point for Academy information for his district.

    Congressman Wittman (VA-1):
    The deadline for completing the application package for a nomination to the Class of 2016 was October 28th, 2011. As with the above, prospective candidates for the Class of 2017 are advised to begin the process in the spring of 2012.

    Congressman Cantor (VA-7):
    Congressman Cantor's deadlines for the Class of 2016 have passed and the nomination review board is in session. The website to start the process for the Class of 2017 is here and in the past the process has started in the early spring:

    Good luck to all!
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    The "moral" of the above story is -- don't miss your MOC's deadlines . . . and each MOC has different deadlines (and other requirements).

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