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    I was talking with someone from VT who mentioned that Norwich cadets sometimes have to drive long distances to visit regular military bases outside of VT like Ft. Dix as apposed to visit a VT NG or VT reserve unit. Is this a disadvantage?
    SC (The Citadel) and VA (VMI) and GA (UNG) and TX (TEXAS A&M) all have regular military bases and installations.

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    Since there is no "set in stone" requirement for cadets to visit military bases frequently, I would say that it's NOT a disadvantage. When preparing for commissioning, etc., there may be a requirement here or there for medical screening, etc. but that would be rare. Now, if visiting active military bases is something you really want to do frequently... then I'd suggest being close. Otherwise, I don't think its a disadvantage.
    Good Luck!
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    I would say it is not a disadvantage. Pretty much anything one could need for a uniform can be purchased on line or is provided by Cadet Command. Plus like the SAs, SMCs probably have a uniform store on base where they can purchase what they need. Also any gear someone needs can be purchased on line also (as do most active duty soldiers) or is issued to them for training. Now if certain things like pre commissioning physicals and purchasing of commissioning uniforms I am sure it just takes a longer drive, but its something the SMCs (and ROTC units for that matter) deal with year in and year out. They know where to send Cadets for those things and how to ensure everything is accomplished in time.

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