May 21, 2022
Beginning Norwich University, leaving home-town on August 13 to report early for Drill Team. I will be studying Computer Security Information Assurance, and participate in NROTC
Good luck! You will do great! Just remember, it is not a matter of "working smarter, not harder." Rather, work smarter AND harder. You can never do too much to succeed in your academics--go to class (you won't have a choice), take notes in a manner that is most effective for you, go to your professor's office hours, study as much as possible (constantly--be in the Kreitzberg Library, an empty classroom, or even White Chapel--studying), read--read--read, and reflect on what you already have learned. It will all come together eventually. And when it does, it will pop-out right at you. It will all make sense.

Why do I mention all of this? Because I was a troublesome Cadet...lots of pranks ("spirit missions") that were just a touch over the top, unauthorized absences (UA) from formation like it was my job to miss it, driving my Jeep around the gate to the Upper Parade Ground (they actually changed the campus traffic tickets shortly after I graduated because of my prolific efforts to drive around that gate on at least a weekly basis. They changed the tickets because I successfully argued with Major Abraham, the then-Director of Campus Safety, that he could not ticket me for something that was not actually listed as an infraction. See--studying helped out!), and going to Boston and Montreal without authorization as much as a break in my studying allowed. Being the horrible Cadet I was, the only reason I was not thrown out of Norwich was my academic performance (while people who committed far more mundane offenses were thrown out on their ears because they had a poor GPA). It was that same reason that led to me receiving my first choice career field (Intelligence Officer) in the Air Force. It was also the reason I was able to get the Air Force to pay for my graduate degrees, which was a massive boost to my ability to better serve my troops and country, and was a big leg-up in my career(s). I could say so much more on this topic, but I think I have said enough for now--hopefully without boring you, too much.

Very respectfully,
Jul 17, 2020
With intentions to reapply to the Naval Academy, and Air Force Academy

If you are already half out the door at Norwich, before you even arrive as a freshman , why not add Army to your wish list?

USMA and USAF enlisted would be two I’d add if I were you.

Will you actually start and finish anything is the real question.

Adding to your ever growing and ever changing wish list is the easy part.