Not Homeschooled, but Don't attend Highschool. Advice on my Academic Resume?

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    I realize that there is a volume of "how do I look" threads started by many wondering how they size up against other applicants, but I have been searching the threads, and haven't found anyone in my situation who has asked, so I have finally decided to post.

    The AFA is my first choice, with USMA and USNA closely following.

    I live in Alaska, and I belong to a charter/home school type organization. They are recognized as a "public highschool" My education is currently being funded by the state and the sate funds materials in which to study. We have 'teachers/counselors' who work at a district office who I meet with on a regular basis (ie, we check in once a week, and they look at what I'm doing and my progress). We also have transcripts, academic teams, state testing requirements, grades- but no athletic sports. It IS possible to take AP courses through our organization, but it is strongly discouraged. They are more in favor of us taking college level work at our local university. I plan on taking two classes this summer (8 credit hours) and 2 more classes over the course of my senior year.

    I have heard of 'homeschoolers' being able to join sports teams at the local high schools. We have looked into it previously, but the state will not allow funding for kids from my school district to participate on sports teams until Fall 2013. Next year, I plan on joining XC or the rifle team, ski team, and track and field. Hence, it wouldn't even be possible for me to have a varsity letter in athletics until next year.

    (The last post I saw was about NOT taking varsity sports when they were available, in my case they aren't exactly available. How would that look to USAFA, USMA, or USNA?)

    I went on a youth exchange to Germany through the Rotary program last year, so there is a 'gap' in my highschool education (on my transcript, it goes straight from 2010/11 toe 2012/13) I plan on taking all four years of highschool though, so I'm graduating late, and am currently a junior.

    My school also doesn't rank students, and I have yet to inquire about my class 'size'

    GPA:3.95 unweighted
    Math: Geometry, Algerbra II, Precalculus/Trig, and Calculus (this year). I will be taking College Trig over the summer, and Advanced math at College senior year.
    Science: Biology, Anatomy/Phis, Chemistry, Physics this summer, and Advanced Bio and College Physics Senior
    English: English 1, Grammar and Composition, English III (I am only taking one semester of English this year online, otherwise my school would force me to graduate because I would have enough credits) and English 12 next year
    Language: 3 years German, 2 years Spanish when I graduate, spent a year in Germany, speak German with borderline fluency

    PSAT: 194 M:61 W:63 R:70 SAT in march. Studying every day, and I hope to boost my scores by at least 30-40 points in math. I think that's a reasonable goal
    ACT: taking it in February

    Competitive Shotokan Karate since Kindergarten, Have placed 1st in state/regionals 2009,2010 Qualified for the national tournament, but airfare was too much. Plan on competing again in March of this year at regionals.

    ISI Non-Comp figure Skating 7th to Sophomore. Participated in local performances in 2010. Had to give it up becuase it was to expensive, and was leaving for Germany soon.

    I work out 7 days a week. Currently:
    7:50 mile run (want to bring it down to 7)
    Working on pull up, want to do 3 by December (is that even a possible goal?)
    80 sit ups (hoping to max it)
    20 push ups (working on those too)
    Basketball throw: not sure
    Shuttle Run: 11.3

    Volunteer/ Leadership: (have 100+ hours unlogged)
    Participated in the ROTEX (Rotary) program helping orientate new/current foreign exchange students and prepping them for their exchange
    Attending Rotary meetings regularly, not member, but I volunteer with them in the community 10,11,12,13
    roteract/interact club 2011,12,13
    Teach Beginging Youth Karate Once a Week 09,10,12
    Teach Sunday School,12
    Tutor in German

    Rotary Youth Exchange to Germany
    Church Youth Group: 2009,12,13
    • Teach sunday School
    • Youth Choir: Co Founder, Teen Leader
    • Media Director for the youth group
    World Quest (Academic Comp) team at School
    Acadmeic Decathlon 2011,13
    Outdoor Leadership Course
    Model EU (in Germany)

    Ladies Youth Volunteer Service Award 2011 (from my church)
    $1,500 scholarhip to UAA from participation in Computer Assemply program at UAA, recieved the computer

    I have met one of my senators in person (at a rotary meeting), and we discussed nominations for the SA. I live in Alaska, so I don't think I have as much competition as if I lived in Texas/New York/Virginia. But I plan on making my app the best I can make it.

    Does anybody have any suggestions?

    Thanks SO much for answering :)
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    The short of it... you have sports!!! And at that you're regionally ranked!! Do you have a traditional high school team sport? No but you do have a sport. And to give you perspective one of the posters that I tend to follow (Hornetguy) also didn't have a traditional sport also was nationally ranked in Karate (can't remember what form I think Tae Kwon Do) and he made it in.

    Also contact you AOL. They should have the information you need from a regional perspective. I don't know if they have run into this situation before but I'm sure they will be able to help you.

    I'm sure some of the experts on here will be able to give you a better answer (Fielger and CC they are both AOL for their areas).

    Also in closing do people without sports make it into the Academies? Yes but you put yourself in the minority and lessen your chance. What you read on here is categories that you should work on to get you into the no-brainer category. Most don't fall into that category so just keep working on it.

    I hope this helps,
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    Boozebin has answered the question very well. I would add that getting 1 pull-up is better than a timed flexed arm hang. Getting to 3 by December 2013 is an attainable goal. Some posters have purchased a pull-up bar for in their doorway. Everytime they go in or out the door, they attempt pull-ups or do as many as they can. I imagine that in a few months your upperbody strength will improve more than you would expect. This will also help your push-ups (that you should be doing on a regular basis).

    Also, the application includes an essay portion that will allow you to express the special circumstances of your education experience. The Air Force has been doing this a while and will adjust your GPA according to your school's profile. They will take the opportunities you have available to you into account during that calculation.

    Finally, don't sweat the things you can't control. Be as active in activities that YOU find interesting (instead of what looks good on paper) and work to get leadership positions in those activities. The Rotary club has a youth division (ages 18-30) called ROTARACT. Perhaps you could start one up. Learn more at .

    You seem to be finding service opportunities and, like Boozebin said, you already have athletic awards on the regional level.

    Your PSAT scores predict an SAT as follows: CR: about 700 M: about 610 W: about 630. Or around a 29 - 30 ACT composite score. These are about average for current cadets. You should strive to be above those averages. Get a prep book from you library or Amazon and start studying for the Feb ACT. You should retake the ACT and SAT as many times as you can afford to. USAFA superscores the ACT and SAT, so they will only look at your best scores in each.

    It is good that you are being proactive for when the application opens for the class of 2018 in March. Best wishes. :thumb:
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    Hey there,

    I am/was in almost your exact situation. I do a charter program from home that is technically not homeschooling, but is actually a public school, with grades, transcripts, class ranks and the like, but done in a non-traditional environment. I am also an athlete that was unable to play sports in high school (our state rules dictate you must attend the high school you play for) but I was able to play in tournaments at the regional and national level through the national level organization. Keep up the sports and keep up the academics.

    As far as extracurriculars go, you appear to be on the right track; remember that a few leadership positions is better than being a member of a hundred gazillion clubs. Also make sure that you are involved in activities that you enjoy. In my case, I was not one of the people who always knew they wanted to go to a service academy, I was rather late to the game. But because I was already devoted to activities I enjoyed, I happened to already be in leadership positions. I was more motivated because the activities were for pleasure instead of something to try and pad my resumé.

    The pull-up goal is definitely attainable as well. I'm really skinny, and in September of my junior year I could only do 1 pull-up, and by training 2-3 days per week, I was able to get 13 pull-ups when I took my CFA 11 months later. Any goal is attainable if you want it badly enough.

    Good luck!

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    Thank You. I'm going to compete again this year, so there will be some fresh ranks on my resume

    Thank You, I just recently got the Barrons ACT Prep, The REAL ACT, and an online prep course. They really seem to be helping immensely. I'm striving for a 31 at the moment... but we'll see.

    I'm planning on taking the SAT in march, then again in may, and possibly again in October depending on what my scores look like. the ACT in February (with writing) then in June for a second time. I really want to get them over with so I'm not stressed out with trying to get nominations and CFA while waiting earnestly for a December SAT score and hoping it's good enough.

    Would you suggest that I just put AFA, MA, and NA on the score report lists when I initially sign up for the tests? And have the scores automatically send to the Academies? And I don't have to notify the Academies to expect my scores? I'm a little new to these things, and I'm not entirely sure how to deal with the schools receiving the scores and getting them on file. Is this something I should talk to my AOL about?

    I will definitely research the Roteract Clubs. I think our local interact club is a combination of the Interact and roteract clubs. I'm also applying to Girls State, and a Local Government Experience Program Run by my school district.


    I most definitely enjoy working with the rotary program and my youth group :) Immediately when I check out a club or group, I know whether I'm in the right place or not.

    I finally convinced my parents to let me get a pull up bar end of December. Although I have been working out at the Gym for 5 months now (I had just come back from my foreign exchange, with about 10 extra pounds from my year, and a ten minute mile was difficult for me, I lost the weight and have been training daily since) I didn't start noticing results with my arms until I started doing pushup/situp/pull up(well, let downs and flexed hangs for now, but it's coming along) every day morning and night for a month. I never knew I had biceps before this :shake: Hopefully if I drop about 10 more pounds, and continue to do this for another month, I may have my first pull up :smile: I can already do 10 reps at 140 on the lat pull down so it's only a matter of weeks more I think.

    After about 2 weeks of owning the bar, I really started to despise the thing- having to do arm hangs 10 times throughout the day and having aching arms all the time isn't fun... but no pain no gain right?
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    Put AFA, USMA, and USNA down for your scores as they all superscore. That is, if you get ACT Math 25 and Eng 32 on the first try and ACT Math 32 and Eng 25 on the second try, they will record ACT Math 32 and Eng 32 without penalty for the other lower scores. Same thing with the SAT. Best wishes. :thumb:

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