Not Receiving DoDMERB info?

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    Mar 22, 2015
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    I have been scrambling to find the answers to my questions.
    Here is the email I sent to my admissions officer and others that lays out my situation:

    "Would it be possible if you could please help me answer some urgent questions?
    My name is ****** and I applied to the academy for Regular Admission for the Class of 2019.
    I have checked my app status everyday, and it says that the review board has not read it yet. That's ok, however, I am worried and confused about the DOMERB process. If the deadline to complete the DOMERB examination is April 1st, and I haven't received any information on how to schedule it or heard from the academy and I'll know by April 1st, how is possible to get the examination done by then? I am also confused on the other DOMERB date of June 1st?

    *To clarify, I have not received any information, email, phone call, mail, etc. about the DOMERB or about my DOMERB information. It was in my understanding that I was supposed to receive the information.*

    If there is any way you could please provide some clarity and explain the dates and/or process to me because I am really confused and do not want to miss out on a deadline or opportunity. Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated!

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