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May 27, 2017
Good Evening ladies and gentlemen, I was wondering if I may be eligible to join the Navy ROTC Program with approximately 55 credits? Thing is, I am pursuing a 6 year J.D. Program. So, I still have more than 2 years remaining. I heard of people getting contracted in Air Force ROTC, where they're a Cadet for 2 years, then commission. That's for juniors, but they have to commit to the AF. I am willing to commit to the Navy. Is this possible for the NROTC program as well? Also, will I still be eligible for a scholarship if I am past my sophomore year in the program? Thank you.
The deadline to apply for a two year scholarship or advanced standing is 31 MAY. If selected, you can do NROTC as a two year program. Law school will not be an option immediately following commissioning- you will go into a URL community.